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Sepanta 3

Sepanta 3Increasing the bio-alcohol causes the raise up of octane number and so gives the better quality in combustion of the light gasoline fuels, but at the same time it increases the sensitivity to water absorption, phase separation of alcohol and gasoline, severe reduction of calorie and therefore increases the fuel use. So adding Sepanta 2 bio additive to the gasoline not only solves the water absorption problems, but comparing to bio-ethanol, bio-butanol and methanol, it has more advantages in calorie. This mixture can be mixed up with methanol and bio-ethanol, and helps to distribute these two alcoholic additives to gasoline. In addition as an octane booster, it helps to make a better qualitative final gasoline by reducing the use of methanol, bio-ethanol and bio-butanol decreasing the sensitivity of water absorption, and so it increases the calorie of fuel.

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(our mission is to create a  cleaner planet.)

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