Sepanta 2 Bio Jet Feul

Sepanta 2

Sepanta 2This fuel which exits in a final level from the biochemical fermenter, is developed in Sakha company as the bio gasoline and bio jet of future. The chemical and biochemical process of this fuel has been developed in the research unit of Sakha Company. This bio fuel has the common advantages of oxygenated and petroleum-based fuels at the same time. This fuel is highly water resistant and is ideal to be used as an additive to the current fuels of airplanes to make bio jet.

With scales of 20% additive and 80% Sepanta 3, this bio fuel can be replaced with the bio-ethanol and bio-butanol based formulated gasoline.


Our mission is to create a cleaner planet. 

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(our mission is to create a  cleaner planet.)

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