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Sakhas Biojet ComanySarir Khorsihd Isfahan Company, relying on its indigenous knowledge, and the modern technology of quantum chemical stimulation (QIR), has put producing the better chemical compounds with good quantum efficiency and significant purity to the top of its activities. Considering the necessity of decreasing environmental pollution in the world, this company using professional staffs in space propulsion field, has concentrated on producing bio jet fuel from plant resources and genetically improved microalgae. Passing the evolutionary path, the company has developed the modern methods of producing bio jet and also has been succeed to produce the special formulations of Sepanta series. Sarir Khorshid Isfahan Company (Sakha) is the first mass provider of bio jet in Iran. Using indigenous technology and knowledge and by the abilities of this company, Iran is the fifth producer of bio jet after USA, France, Germany and recently China.

The formulation of Sepanta fuel series has exclusive physical-chemical advantages which it comes from the developed feed of this company.

Adding a few special additives to this fuel, makes it possible to be replaced with JetA1 easily.

It also can be used as a part of the advanced fuels of JP4/5 or JP8.

Sarir Khorshid Isfahan Company is ready to negotiate with the followers of this knowledge about providing bio jet fuel and also transferring and selling the technology of producing bio fuels such as: bio-diesel and bio-ethanol and developing the advanced photobioreactor farms with proper feed of all products and current bio additives.

Sarir Khorshid Isfahan Company the only bio jet company of the Middle East.




                                                                                                            Manager and head of the board of Sakha  

                                                                                                   Reza Shafiee Falavarjani

Our mission is to create a cleaner planet. 

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(our mission is to create a  cleaner planet.)

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